As Beautiful as the Banner o Scotland

MARA: You look amazing. Amazing! You are as beautiful… as beautiful… as beautiful as the Banner o Scotland.
LYNN: (in surprise) Owww, thank you. You are very kind.
MARA: Dylan, isn’t she beautiful?
DYLAN: She is beautiful.
MARA: Don’t you like her white lace dress? Dylan, I need blue stockings desperately. Please! Dylan. Dylan? Dylan?!
DYLAN: Mara, stop walking across the room! Concentrate! Mara, stay still! Keep silent for a minute.
MARA: (singing) I think I idolize her. Dylan. Dylan? Dylan?!
DYLAN: What?! I think I idolize her, too. She’s the wonder of woman. She certainly wants to rest and we have to wake up early. Hurry now. We have no time to waste. Should I help you into your coat?
MARA: (looking around) Where is the cat? I wish to stroke the cat.

They vanished into the dark night, but gave me a solemn promise to come back soon.

On the Erev Yom Kippur I made a little redhead with soft brown eyes smile. !גמר חתימה טובה

* * *
DO NOT FORGET the light of the October Draconids!