We Have to Build a Sukkah!

On Wednesday before sundown Emiliana attended the Yom Kippur services with Dylan and Mara in the synagogue. Today her father came back from London. She sits on his lap and interviews him. She is a curious girl.

MILI: Why didn’t you observe the Day of Atonement?
MIKE: Because I’m not religious.
MILI: Are you Jewish at all?
MIKE: I am Jewish, believe me.
MILI: Are you sure? I’m kind of doubt it.
MIKE: Affirmative! Let me reassure you.
MILI: Are you circumcised?
MIKE: Yes, I am. But smart people don’t ask questions like this. It’s a private issue.
MILI: Am I a smart person?
MIKE: Yes, you are.
MILI: Do you speak Hebrew?
MIKE: A word or two. As a child I used to live in Jerusalem.
MILI: No, you didn’t! Did you? Did you have a bar mitzvah there?
MIKE: Yes. I did have a bar mitzvah there.
MILI: Can I have a bat mitzvah here?
MIKE: Actually, you cannot have a bat mitzvah. You are Catholic. You’ll receive the sacrament of First Communion at the age of ten or eleven. As a matter of fact, it’s a graceful ceremony.
MILI: Can I wear a kilt?
MIKE: Your brothers will be wearing a kilt. You can dress yourself up. A fancy white dress. A wreath of flowers. Lovely shoes.
MILI: Will there be a party?
MIKE: Of course, there will be a party.
MILI: And many presents?
MIKE: And a shower of presents.
MILI: And mountains of gifts.
MIKE: As may best please you.
MILI: Daddy?
MIKE: Sweetie?
MILI: We have to build a sukkah! Do you think we could borrow a citron, a haddas, a lulav and an aravah from grandma?
MIKE: Well, now I am the one who’s tormented with doubt.