Da un’eternità

Four elements, five senses, seven planets, and nine heavens. The soul and the heart of the entire world in the middle of nowhere. Water, air, wind, and fire transcend all existence, and make the pre-eternity evident in the mirror of the post-eternity.

All of a sudden, I can hear silent voices, I notice a ray that illuminates the gloomy firmament, smell the sweet odour of flowers, taste the bitterness of loneliness and almost touch infinity. The sun sets up, the moon is rising. Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter light candles for a forlorn vagrant. My flesh and bones and brains become a new entity. Boiling blood runs through my veins, colours my skin in amaranth red.

I’m seeking shelter for salvation, trying to escape from nothingness, looking for understanding and explanation. The stars shine upon the darkness, sweeping the sand from my path. I’m like a particle of dust drifting around in a world of dualities searching for passion, contentment and sobriety. And I find no rest.

Sicut lilium inter spinas