Gaelic Primary School

Emiliana about her family

Daddy made love to mummy. Mummy got pregnant. Daddy married her in a Catholic ceremony in an incredibly beautiful church. I was born. Kostja and Niko were born. Eli was born. Sunny was born. We became a big happy family. And this is my lovely doll Clara. Do you want to hug her? Why not? She is gorgeous.

Emiliana about herself

PRIMARY SCHOOL TEACHER: Hello sweet birdie! My name is Miss Becca Dunbar. What is your name?
MILI: Hello Miss Becca Dunbar! My name is Griselda Appletree.
MIKE: Emiliana!
MILI: Fine! My name is Emiliana. I am five years old. I was born in San Antonio, Texas. My dad is Scottish, my mum is German. My dad is Jewish. My mum is Catholic. I speak English, German, Gaelic, Russian and a little bit Hebrew. I have got a sister and three brothers. They are cool. Sometimes.
MISS DUNBAR: Do you like animals?
MILI: I do. I like kittens, and puppies, and ponies, and chupacabras.
MISS DUNBAR: Chupacabras?
MILI: Yes. Don’t you like chupacabras? They are cute and quite shy.
MISS DUNBAR: I have not seen any chupacabras…
MILI: Well, you have not seen any chupacabras yet. I bet you will. Someday.
MISS DUNBAR: Dear Lord, I hope so. Do you have any other interests, besides chupacabras?
MILI: I write words.
MIKE: Mostly on the walls of the family kitchen.
MILI: I read words.
LYNN: Mostly from the Holy Bible.
MILI: Shush! Miss Dunbar did not ask you for assistance. And I am a wonderful dancer. And I am a talented storyteller. And I am a gifted painter. And I sing songs. Loudly.
MISS DUNBAR: You seem to be a smart girl.
MILI: Yes, I am. I am smart, pretty and perfect. Your curly hair is adorable, by the way.